Greg Edmonson

Conceiving music that can range from acoustically intimate or ethnically eccentric to a grand, adventurous orchestral excursion able to traverse the globe, Tulsa-born composer Greg Edmonson is a unique musical voice in Hollywood, one that has experienced widespread acclaim in the diverse worlds of film, television and video games.

Greg's talent on the guitar first brought him to Los Angeles, where his work as a session player led to composing as the next step in his musical journey. Studying the craft with the renowned Dr. Albert Harris, Greg landed his first scoring gigs for the hallowed TV animation company Hanna Barbera. His work for the medium caught the attention of one its most in-demand composers, and soon Greg was working alongside multiple Emmy-winner Mike Post on hit series such as "L.A. Law," "Quantum Leap," "Wiseguy" and "Cop Rock". An Emmy nomination for one of Greg's songs served as proof that he had found his niche and was on the scene to stay.

Greg's next taste of success came on Mike Judge's long-running animated series, "King of the Hill." For that edgy comedy Greg created a satirical American sound that combined Texas guitar with an orchestra - music that could be as humorous as it was heartfelt. He followed that ride by developing the distinctive sound of Joss Whedon's revered sci-fi show "Firefly," conjuring a unique orchestral Americana style that artfully integrated such culturally diverse instruments as the dobro, duduk, and saz.

To continue to stretch out creatively, Greg also wrote the scores for several acclaimed independent films, including "Blue Ridge Fall," "Luckytown" and "Montana Amazon." Craving the challenge of not just a new medium but also a range of genres, he composed inspired music for movies whose content was diverse as a gritty crime tale, an emotion-drenched drama, and a dark, quirky comedy.

Greg's ability to draw out a character's melodic humanity brought him his most epic projects: three acclaimed scores for Sony/Naughty Dog's blockbuster "Uncharted" video game series. He created the symphonically action-packed, but distinctly humane sound of treasure hunter Nathan Drake - following this iconic hero through the world's most exotic musical locations. In order to bring a multi-dimensional, cinematic sound to this ongoing franchise, Greg introduced an unusually broad spectrum of moods and themes, including indigenous ethnic instrumentals, nail-biting suspense, eerie ambience, and powerful action cues. The striking originality of his scores for "Uncharted" has won Greg the recognition of his peers, culminating in a variety of industry honors that include prestigious awards from the British Academy of Film & Television Arts (BAFTA) and the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS).

Despite years of success, Greg remains excited and passionate about the creative challenge of composing. "My objective when writing is to marry melody and emotion in service to the story," he says. "Every memorable musical composition moves the listener on multiple levels. I strive to create music that is integral to the story, using the tools at my disposal to express ideas and feelings in ways that words alone cannot - but without drawing attention away from the narrative itself. If my contribution to the story can penetrate the heart, mind, and soul of the listener, seamlessly blending with the other creative elements of the project, then I have added real value and helped to create an unforgettable experience."

Greg Edmonson lives in Los Angeles with his artist wife Suzanne and their three cats.